Friday, 15 April 2011

Stop it,please!!!!

These few days gave me lots of laughs and stress..I'm okay if the stress means assignments but it's NOT..haish..These few days i got calls and sms from i don't know who..If he just called once, it's tak..selagi i did not answer my phone, selagi tu la he kept on calling me..You must be wondered how I know that the person is he..because terlampau serabut ngan call2 tu, i asked my rommmate to answer it..n it is a guy and ntah from roommate pun xfaham die cakap ape..then, my roommate marah2 la..ingatkan dah FAHAM BAHASA n takkan call lg..but he still kept on calling me..sekali kol dalam 5, 6 kali..until i need to silent my phone n my phone battery pun cepat habis..ish..sakitnyer hati..yang ni satu hal..then, one more coming..i've got this msg from someone named "ayah" and guess what he asked me to give him RM50 Topup..ade ke patut..Hey..i only have one ayah n i didn't called my abah as ayah..n my dad xperlu topup because he used line..senang2 hati je mintak topup kt orang..xde keje ke???? I hope this things will stop soon coz don't make me more stress. I have lots of things that i need to think of..orang2 yang xRETI BAHASA ni..tolongla jauhkan diri dr saye yer..baik pg wat keje yg lagi bagus!!! n if anyone knows how to avoid these things, please feel free to give me suggestions..because i am really really annoyed with this..

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