Sunday, 26 April 2009

rOotY hiLL..AssiGnmEnT..AmEliA && LovEllE..

afTER mY bUrfdAy pArTy, i nEeded tO gO tO RooTy hill 4 mY aSSigNmEnT..Thanx 2 fArEls 4 hElpinG mE N mY frEnz..bUt SpeciAl thanx 2 AmEliA,thE cutE giRl EvER..thanx,dEaR..n alsO loVEllE foR hElpiNg us..i Took trAin tO gO thErE..wE nEedeD tO chAngE thE trAiN AlmoSt 3 times b4 aRrivEd aT rOotY hIlls..thEn Took tAxI..AlhAmdUlIllaH..wE aRrivEd therE sAfElY..wE diD oUr AssigNmenT anD aT thE samE timE, wE'rE hAvinG fUn..n thanx 4 AuntiE bCoz lAyAn jER ktEorG..huhuHu..goNna miSh U All..nOw,eSemeN timE..sEttlE eVrythinG b4 dUe dAtE..chAiyoK2..

mY 21sT bUrfdAY..

21 AprIL eQuAls To mY agE noW..21sT yeaRs olD..omG..i'M fEeliNG a bIt olD..bUt hAve tO mAintAiN cutE..iSn'T it??pOyO jEr..oN my 21sT buRfdAy..tEpAt2 kul 12tGh mLm, mY fAmIlY cAlleD mE N wisH hEpI buRfdaY tO mE..N osO mY hOusematES..bisINg glER blK..wAaa..tERharuNyEr..n sorI kt mY gurLz kt welli xdpT AngkAT phonE mUle2..sOri tAu..i misH thEm Sooo mUcH..wishInG thEm WerE hErE..mEsTi AdEr kejE glEr2 doRg akN waT kT akU..hUhUHu..nsB baiK..n thAnx oSo tO mY frEnz yg wisH mY buRfdaY mlM 2 n siAp nyAnyI2 lG lAgI..bEsT..n dIe jGK..thanx 4 thE wiSh..hMm...wuT i'M gOnnA dO oN mY buRfdaY??hMm..

lEt's See..
fiRsT,i stArteD mY daY plAyEd bAdmiNtoN wiTH lInA N jEn..2 poWn Sbb AisA ajAk N mAlu plAk Sbb diE tlG kEjutkN..hAhahA..sO,kNla pG..wE'rE hAvinG fUN N wE lAughED aLmoSt thE timE..bUt AftER thAT...mE n jeN skT tGN coZ mAin bAdmiNtOn..uNtiL noW...xbAIk lG..wAaaa..
NExT..mY bUrfdAy pArtY prEpArAtioN..i mAdE nAsI mInyaK..thAnx to abAh foR the rEcipE..jEn n intAn mAdE dUmplinG..whilE lInA mAdE cAkE..n khAirUddiN 2..tlG2 ktEoRg kT dApur..mIrA..thanX coZ gosoK bJ akU..hUhU..thnax A loT mY frEnz..aT firsT,aLl oF us hAvE problEm WitH oUR diShES..xmEnjAdI..bYk kAlI kN modIfiEd..buT finallY,nAsI minyAk n ayAm mSk mErAh mEnjAdI..ske2..tP alhAmdUlIllAh,sumE mKnn sEdAP..thanx,gUyS..lovE u...
fiNallY,mY bUrfdAY sTartED aT 8.30pM..i wAS waitiNg iN mY rOOm untIl mY hOusemAtES cAlleD me..thEn...hEpY bUrfdAY soNg..i saw mY uNimAtE N oSo othEr frEnz..thAnX,guyS fOr cOmiNg..i tHoughT iT wIll stoP thErE..n thEn,lAmpU dItuTUp..onE moRE bUrfdaY sonG..oMG..khAirUddiN mAdE anOthEr caKe burfdAY foR mE..n u noE wuT it's chEesE cAke..hmm..yUmmY..thAnX,dIn..b4 i TiuP lIlIn 2, i mAdE a wisH..i hopE mY wIsH wIll comE truE..xlEh bGtaU..sEcrET..hAhA..n thEn,aLL of uS mkn2 N hEpi2..bErgelAk kEtAwA..fUn sgT..alhAmdUlillaH,wAlaupUn mulE2 mKNn adER mAsAlAh tP sUme oRg kAtE sdP..cIongrAteS to All mY frenz..lOvE u aLl..n Thanx,guyS foR makiNg mY burfdAY fAntAstiC n i wIll noT foRgeT thiS bUrfdaY 4evER...sYG sAmA kAmOoo...

p/s: mOrE piCS..chEck my fAcebOok n fS,k..

Saturday, 18 April 2009

mIssiNg yOu..

miSh U sOo muCH,gUrLz..

HopInG u All arE hErE..

SyG SgT sAMa kAmOo...

kEmaLasaN mElandA..

AriNi akU rs mLs Nk Wat ApE2..jUz rajiN mSk jER..sBB lApAR..hUhUhU..kNapE kemalAsaN melandA??sBB tGh cuTI..AdEr sEMinGGu lG cutI..eSemEn kN antA AftEr nAiK cutI..Tp sBb mls, Tak buAt2 lG..TruK kN??tp oN9 rAjIn glER..aPelA iZzaidAH nI..mRH dR sEndirI..HuHu..XpE2..EsoK kn EsoK adEr hAl..tGk..mlS lG..hMm..Ape nK jD nI..plEasE forcE mE tO dO the eSemEn..nEed hElP..AAaaaaaRRRggHHhh...

Thursday, 16 April 2009

chAtswOod N fooD..

16th april..We weNt tO chAtswOOd fOr thE fIrst timE..bUt nOt foR dIn N linA..theY orEdI wEnT thErE foR A fEW timEs..i ThouGht chatsWooD iS likE dOwnToWn oR uPtoWn In mEsiA..bUT it's totallY dIffereNT..tHerE arE A lot oF shops lIke mAsjiD iNdiA..hMm..thE priCE is ok2 lA..noT mucH dIfferEnT witH othErs plAcE..bUT thE centrE of AttrActioN is pasaR malAm..wE cAn fiND mEsia's Food thErE..n iT's niCE aLthouGH it's quiTE eXpEnsivE..buT i dUn cAre..aSalkN dpT mkn mKnn mesiA..huhuhU..n therE is A gArden that iS So bEAutiFul buT it is a mEmorial to pEoplE who arE sAcrificED dUrinG the wOrld war 2..n ktEoRg sEMpt Amik2 gMbR n mKn lG..xpe la kN??hIhI..nape doRg nyEr memoriAl cntK glEr??mAybE bG pEngHoRmatAN yG mEndAlAm koT..nTaHla..buT i reSpEcT,As foR mE, chAtsWooD bESt coZ dpT mKN mkNn mEsiA n tmN die cAntIK..shOppiNG 2 not rEAllY ar..hUhUhU..

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

hOmEbuSh && dfO && sHoppinG..

mE && mY freN WenT tO dfO in homebuSh a fEw dAys agO..omG..iT wAs A loNg joUrnEy N wE'rE loSt..nEed tO chAngE trAiN..thEn We nEed tO waLk..n thAt placE mEnakuTkN...likE A olD toWn..n lIkE nO onE thEre..hMm..aT firsT We thouGHt thAt iT wAs A wRonG plAcE..xkN dfO kt tMpT cAm2??Eee..bUt bcoz oF dfO,wE kEep oN wAlkiNG..n fInAllY, we sAW pEoplE hOlD brAndED pApEr bAg..n we kneW thAt dfO is opEnED n thERe wAs saLe..wE'rE sO eXcitED..bErbAloi jlN jauh..apE lG sHoppinG lA..i bOuGHt 6 bJ n 1 jeans..aLL oF thAt iS onlY 130dollAr..i'M So eXcitED..buT nOw, i'm totAllY brokE..aiseh..hMm..

p/s: kalo dfO xder kt homebush 2, i will never come again coz tmpt 2
becoz dfo kt c2,so i will come dfo..ahaks..

Friday, 10 April 2009

hErE bY mE...

I hope you’re doing fine out there without me
‘Cause I’m not doing so good without you
The things I thought you’d never know about me
Were the things I guess you always understood

So how could I have been so blind for all these years?
Guess I only see the truth through all this fear,
And living without you…

And everything I have in this world
And all that I’ll ever beIt could all fall down around me.
Just as long as I have you,
Right here by me.

I can’t take another day without you
‘Cause baby, I could never make it on my own
I’ve been waiting so long,
just to hold you
And to be back in your arms where I belong

Sorry I can’t always find the words to say
But everything I’ve ever known gets swept away
Inside of your love…

And everything I have in this world
And all that I’ll ever beIt could all fall down around me.
Just as long as I have you,


oh bulan
enggan melayan diriku lagi
airmata membasahi pipi
dah lagu lagu di radio
seolah olah memerli aku
kau bersama yang lain

adakah perasaan benci ini
sebenarnya cinta
yang masih
bersemadi untukmu
dan sebenarnya ku mengharapkan
disebalik senyuman mu itu
kau juga
merindui aku

ku enggan
berpura pura ku bahagia
ku enggan
melihat kau bersama si dia
oh ku akui cemburu
mula menular dalam diri
kau bersama yang lain

pabila kau merenung matanya
ku rebah jatuh ke bumi
disaat kau benar benar mahu pergi
ku bernafas dalam air

dan sebenarnya
aku rindu
aku tak mampu


mY nEW fAshioN oF thE dAY..ahAks..i'm sHoppinG A loT..bEcAusE thERe iS SalE..sAlEs evERywhErE..rAmbAnG matE tGk..mY gUrlZ nOE iT,riGHT..hUhhuU..bUT yG plG pEntinG, i'vE goT a nEW BooT..AlthoUGH it's QuitE ExpEnsivE..bUT i likE iT..hhUhuhU..cOngrAteS tO mE..N i bOughT A loT oF shiRTs n dRess thAt thE pricE Is totAllY dAmn blOOdY chEAp..fOr mE..hUhUhUhU..y thErE iS tOO mUcH HuhuhU???i DunnO..mAybE i'M sO eXcitED..hAhA..bUt whAtevER i'M wEArinG, i'M stIll mE..nOthinG chAngE iNsidE..oKeyH??

spOrT cArnIvAl..

4 AprIl..sPoRT cARnIvAl..afTeR prSctIcinG foR AlmoST a mOntHs, nOw thAt iS thE dAy..i plAyED nEtbAll wiTh mY friEndS..wE chAllEngEd aLL UnI iN SydnEy..uNisyD,uTS n uNsW..iT wAS tOuGH bUT iT's fUn coZ i cAn mEet othER pEoplE..eSpEciallY mY SEnioR..uNbEliEvAblE i meet hIm iN sYdneY AftEr quitE A lonG timE..hE's mY tEachEr's sOn..aT firST i dUN nOe iF hE'S thE onE..buT AftEr tGk lAme2 ckET,btOlla..huhuHu..Ok..foRgET bouT hiM..thErE aRe OthEr gamEs suCh AS bAdmintOn,bAskEtbAll,tEnniS n So oN..but sorY to saY..ktEoRG loSE..tP xpER..sEmAngAt aDER..cOngrAtES to All pArtIcipAnTs n thAnx tO All sUppoRterS..mmG syG kOrg lbH lA..tHn dpN dtG lG..mAkE thE plAcE hAppEniNG..hUhuhU..