Sunday, 6 July 2008

jUz mE && mYsElF..

mE && mYsElF..wuT a lOnElY liFE..bUT iT sTiLL cAn bE fUn if i cAn spEnD iT wiF a gReaT tHingS..todAY i shOpPinG 4 mY fAmIlI..alL oF theM goT giftS..iT wAS fUN tO do sUmthInG that CaN MaKe OtHers HePi..I LoVe To Be LIKe THIs..B4 ThIs i SPenD foR sUmonE..bUt noW,nO moRe..sinCE noW,it hAvE bEEn 8mOntHs..i trY tO fOrgET evErythiNG iN thE pAst..buT uNtIL whEn i hAvE tO trY??it'S tIrED..bUt i noE ALlaH noEs evErYthinG thaT hE'S donE..nEvER gIvE uP..&& thInK pOsitIvE..thaT iS whaT i dO fOr aLL thE timE..lasT nItE, i rEAllY mISs hIM..bUT I trieD tO bE sTronG..i hEarD thaT hE's nOt hErE yEt coZ oF sUmthiNG..iS iT trUE??sO sAD N i dUnnO y hE'LL bE lIkE thaT..i fElT pItY 4 hIM..i rEallY wAnnA tAlK wiF hIm..tO nOE boUT hIM..tO hOlD hIm iF i cAn..To bE bEsidE hIm..shArE eVerytHiNG..lAugH 2gEthER..bUT cAn I??i hAvE tO bE stroNG..i diD eVerythINg..i owEZ ASk mYsElF iS iT mY fAulT??buT EvERyonE goT wEaknEsseS..nEvER blamE uRsElF iF U wannA livE iN hEpineSs..thaT whaT i'vE learnED..njoY thE lifE tO thE fullesT coZ thiS lIfE iS shorT..