Thursday, 22 May 2008

My FrenZ in mY hOmEtowN..

hOlidays staRtS..iNtAN,mEG,AtEn, AliAA n mIrA iN mY hOmEtown..AftER aboUt 8hourS jOuRneY, fInallY wE aRrivEd aT trengganU..mISs mY hOmEtoWn..firsT placE WE gO iS mYdIn..sHoppInG therE..tHEN wE oRgAnIzEd a BarBeQuE tIll 11.30pm..aLthoUGh We All TirEd bUt wE njoY iT..N tHerE iS AlsO A SupriSE tO iNtAn..bUrFdaY PaRtY..hEpI bUrfdAY,dEaR..tHe NexT dAY..sHoppiNG aT pasAr pAyANg..A place ThaT U muSt gO whEN u r iN gAnU..iT'S fUn To wAtch thEm sHoppiNg..rAmbAnG matE nMpKnyEr..hUhU..thEN plaY bOWliNg..i'M losE..hUhU..thEN i BriNg them To BatU buroK bEacH..mCm kNK2 RiAnG jER dieorG nI..mcM xpRnH jUpE pantAi..hahA..ktEoRg bLk rmH N gET rEadY nK antA iNtAn ngAn meg bLk..tP b4 naiK bAs ktEorG pG tGk masjiD tErApuNg N lpK kt tMn sYahbAndAR..thEn..bYe2 iNtAN n meG..eSoKnyER bwK aten,AliAa n mirA pG stesEn bAS..blI tUdUNg lG..ish2..pTg tU pG mKn kT pAntAi AirpOrT..mKn yG cElUp2 tEpuNg tU lA..sEmangAt tOl dIeoRG mKn..tP SdeH iNtAn nGan mEg XdeR..xpEr2,,nAnTi AkU bLk tUK kOrG eK..HuhU..ThEn,mLm 2 AntA mIrA pG rUmaH chE naD kT kUalA berAnG..kUrAnG lG SaTU..tInggaL lG dUe..hMM...thEN i briNg them 2 AiR bUaH gElAs bEsAr..tP mInUm gElAs kecIk jEr..xlaRaT aR..hEhE..eSoKnyEr, pg 2 rEhaT dl..pTg 2, Pg tAman tAmAdUN iSlam..lawA tmpT Tu..aku pUn bR fIrsT tImE msK c2..lPs tAnGkAp2 gmbR,bLk aR..kUl 9,AntA duE oRg Ni bLk..nOw,tGL akU sOrG2 kT rUmah..sunyI lA pLaK..xTau nK bUaT ApEr..nwaY,I'Ll hOpE U aLl hEpI dTg gAnU..kalO nK dTg lG,cKP jEr..n xlUpe thAnX kT meG n atEn Sbb jD SupiR..kAlO x,xjlN lA..hEhE...XoxO...(Kalo Nk TGk gmbR,tGk kT fS Ek)

whAt iS bTN???

bTn??bTN??whAt iS bTn aCtuAllY??a pRogrAmmE tO bUilD pAtrIotiSmE aMoNg uS oR whaT??i hAd fAcEd bTN lAsT yEaR..iT wAS mOrE eXcitInG cOmpArEd thiS onE..bUT iT'S oK..a loT oF aCtivItIEs bUt A lIl bOriNK..wuTevER iT iS..i pAsseD n alsO thE othERs..sO,wE cAN flY..hUhUhU..

hEpI TeachEr'S daY..

whO iS tEachER???eVerYonE iS A tEachER..whEn SomEonE tEAcHeS u nOt oNlY aT sChOol..bUT aLsO bOuT lIfE..thEY cAN bE uR tEachER..sO,saY thANx tO thEM n apprEciAtE thEm..nOW,i waNnA thaNx tO aLl oF U 4 thE lEssOnS..mY faMilY,mY frenZ, mY tEachERs n lEctUrERs n dUn fOrgET tO hIM,cOZ tEacH mE A loT oF thIngS..lOvE u All..xOxO..

hEpI bUrfdaY,iNtAN..

dEar, iNtaN..

mAnE keK??mAnE AdiaH??

dH dpT kN??sO,i kEep mY prOmiSE..

spEciaL lG 2..hUhU..

nwaY,hEpI beSdaY tO u..

shAyUnkS kAmOO..

may GoD blESs u oWeZ..

aLl thE bEsT wiF meG..hUhU..

Monday, 12 May 2008

fInD thE AnsWerS..

sOmEtImES eveRytHinG hAppEnS iN oUR lifE cAn mAkE uS tHiNK dEEplY whaT wE'vE donE b4..eVerYthInG hAppEnS b4 wIll tEaCh uS hOW tO sUrVivE iN oUR lifE..hOw wE cAn fAcE anD hAndlE thE pRobS..n hOW wE cHangE..bUT wE mUsT bE pAtIencE n trY nOT bE uNcOntroLleD..aM I maturED eNuFF tO fAcE aLL tHingS??aM i rEadY enuFF tO fAcE aLL tHinGs??aM i strOnG eNuFF???asK uRseLF..fInD uRselF..tHE aNsWErS aRE iN uRS..

nAvEeN's awAY noW..

dEaR nAvEEn....

wHaT A lOnG yEarS wE hAvE beEn tOgEthER..noW,u wIll AwaY..gO 4 uR ambItIOn..u musT bE rEallY hEpI,rIghT???bUT iT iS A hArD tiME 4 mE 2 AccepT tHaT u r nOt hErE aNyMoRE..i knoW iT iS hArD 4 u tOO..wE'rE cLoseD b4..tHeN a loTs oF tHingS hAppEnS..wE dUn hAvE tImE tO shArE ouR sTorY..bUT nOW, u r aWaY..mAybE wE dUn hAvE tImE tO sharE aNyThinG NoW..bUT i juZ wanT u tO kNoW thAt i'M oweZ sUpporT u WherEvER u aRe..u R a guD fReN..rEallY gUd freN..i hOpE i cAN sEE u agaIn..n remEmbER tO smilE oweZ..thAnX 4 eVerYthIng..byE,mY fReN..

Friday, 9 May 2008

hEpI bUrFdaY,dAmIa..

hEpI bUrfdAY tO U..hEpI bUrfDaY tO U..hEpI bUrfdAY tO dAmiA..hEpI bUrfdaY tO U..
mAY goD bLeSS U oWeZ!!
aLL thE besT!!
mAY aLL uR dreamS comE trUE..
sEnyUM sOkmO..
frenZ 4eVeR..

bAD tHinGS vS gUd tHinGS..

a loT oF tHinGs hAppEnED iN mY liFE..sTarTs witH worlD wAr 3 witH sUmoNE tIll bAd thiNgS hAppEneD..i hAtE thaT..dHlA nK exAm LaK 2..wE sTudY n jUsT lEt thE thiNGs gO awaY..bUT mUluT oRg xleH tutUP bUT wE hAndlE iT dGn bAik..tP kadAng2 2 AkU rAsE sUnyI sBb slalU kN tGl sOrG2..akU kdG2 2 rAsE rIndU laK kT dIe.. jD nK releasE tEnsIoN akU blK rmH..tP nOW eVerYthiNg'S fInE..thEN, exAm plaK mUncUl..aIsH.. aIgO2..bUkU..bUkU..bUkU.. wE aLL sTudY hArD sBB xnK kN rEsiT pApeR sBb kTeoRGnK njOy cUtI sebUlaN 2..aRap2,pAss lA sEmuE..mlM nK exAm 2, kTeoRG waT mAjliS mTK mAaF n bAcE dOA..sUmE slg bERmAaFaN..n akU bUaT sUmthInG yG kOrg lEH gUeSS lA..akU aNtA mSg sOrI kT dIe..sEtElaH hMpr 6bLN akU tgU dIe blS msg AkU,aKhirnyA dIe bLS mLM 2..aLhAmdUlilLaH..thAnX,gOD..msG diE 2 bG sEmaNgAt kT akU nK sTudY n jwB eXaM ngAN sUnggUh2.. exAM nI lAIn cKEt sBB dL,sEtiAp kAlI b4 pG exAM,aku akN yMdL saMpAI xSEmpAT bAcE bUkU..thN nI sUnyI jER..bGN pAgI bUkAK bUkU..xdER dGR suarE gUD lUcK dr diE..tP akU xKisaH,cUmE rAsE laiN jER..tP msG diE 2 bG sEmAngAT kT aKu tUk jwB eXaM wAlaUpUN msG die juZ simplE jER..tP xpelA..sUmE nI mEngAjaR aku sUpAyA bErsAbaR..n noW,exAm dH abiS..skrAnG masE nK njoY pUas2..lET's nJoY (pUterI)..

mY bUrFdaY..

21st aPriL..mY 20th bUrFdAY..dAH tUE dH..nK jD 17 bLK..hUhU..i'vE goT A plAN 4 mY bUrFdAY..i diD A biG bUrfdAY pArTY bY iNvItInG tHE wHOlE bAtCH..i sPend a loT bUT it'S nOthInG..i wAnnA dO tHiS bCoZ nExT yEaR aLl oF uS wiLL bE sEpArAtED..i hOpE frenZsHIP wiLL lAsT 4eVeR..aT 12am..i'vE gOT sUrprIsE pArtY fRom Y hOusEmatE..thAnX gUyS..loVE u aLl..iN thE moRnInG,aFtER bM'S lEcTurE..thE wHolE cOhOrT sanG bUrfDaY soNg 4 E..wHaT A gUd dAY..thAnX gUyS..bUT thE bEsT tHinG eVeR iS mY bIG bUrfDaY pArTY..aLL mY hOusEmaTE kN jD bibIK tUk aRI 2..aTeN,aLiAA,jEn,dAmiA n AnA kN bUaT pUdInG..fIffY hAndlE dAdIH..nUrUL,nAnaD n iNtAN mSK kT dApuR..jijI n shEhA tEmAN pG mId,aMeK kEk..syirA N cHE naD kN mAIn vOlleYbALL..tP xpER,sUmE adER..thAnX lA bYK2 eK..tAnpA korG xDErlA parTY nI..pArTY sTaRT kUL 9.30 sBB TgU orG dTg.. rAmAI yG dTG..bUT sorrY 4 othERs yG xdpT iNvItAtiON 2..adER mAsalaH pRomoTioN cKeT..nwaY,thAT iS thE bEsT bUrFdaY pArTY evEr aftER 10yEaRS i'D nOt cElEbrAtE iT..hUhUhU..thAnX 4 sHoggY sBb jD pHotOgRaPhER tuK mLM 2..n thAnX kT sUE yG bG aDiaH n mEmEriaHkN mAjliS 2 n sUdI ikUt tEmA yG dItEtApKN..hEhE.sajE jEr wAt tEmA 2..hOpINg thAT u aLl eNjoY thE pArTy tOo lIkE mE..hOpiNG thaT I cAn oRgAnizE thAT pArTY agAIn..rEmEmbER>>i lOvE u aLL..xOxO..mmUaxX..:)