Thursday, 27 March 2008

dAnCE claSS!!!

nOW,It's bEen 5 WeekS i"vE InVOlvEd in dAncE cLAss wiF mR.hErY..whAt A pAtiEnT tEAchER..u noE how aM I..lIkE 2 plAY aRoUnD aLl thE tImE..bUt cAN bE SerioUs whEn iT''s cOmEs tO wOrK..hUhuHU..i'v iNvOLVeD In THIs CLaSS cOz oF dIn AkA dAnnY..thAnX yA..,we'rE cUrreNtLy lEaRn jEtE,hIp hOP,mErmAiD N manY morE..iT wAs fUn N i cAn usE mY timE 4 sOmetHinG nEw..nO moRE bOrinK liFe..buT smetimEs iT is bOriNk whEn i don'T sOmetHinG to dO..i rEaLlY hOpE i cAn gEt bAck mY pasT lifE..buT it'LL bEcomes bEttER n bEttER..cAn'T waiT for thE nExT dAncE clAss..wAnnA spIn ArouNd N be iN mY oWn worlD..hohO..

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

MY bRo...hOpiNG hE"S bEtteR..

mY bRO,iZZi..hOpiNg He'LL bE FinE sOOn..cOz thE bOnE cAncER iS bAcK..i hAtE iT..aFtER 5 moNthS wE aLL thOUghT thAT iT'S gOnE,bUt iT'S sTiLL thErE..i hV 2 bE StrOnG tO hIm N mY fAmilY..i wAnnA cRy bUt i cAn't..i hOpE thE cAncER cAn bE cUrEd..oH gOd...gIvE mY bRO StrengTH tO fAcE thiS chAllengE aNd mAkE hIm fAcEhIs lifE aS uSuAl..AmIN..i loVE hIm So muCH N dUn tAkE mY brO awAy..i bEg U..

hEpI bEfDaY,nUrUl...

hEpI bEfDaY nUrUl..mAy gOD bLeSS u oWeZ..nOthING cAN mAkE oUr frEnZshIP EndS..fREnZ uNtiL diE..dUn FoRgEt tO buY 3G hP..nAnTi AkU lEh jIn koRg jLn2..hUHu..dUn fOrgET mE n mAY u hAvE A gUd liFE 4eVeR n evER..sWEEt 20th..awEt mUdE tAu..kN bdK sKolAH.hUhU..ShAyUnkS kAmOO n thAnX 4 eVerythINg..

Monday, 3 March 2008

NeW hP..juZ 4 mE..

sOnY ERiCsON k810i..lOvE iT..mYnEW hP wIF mY oWN mOnEY..i'vE pRomIsEd wIF sOmEonE tO buT ThE samE HP AnD noW thE pRomIse becOmEs reAlITy..bUt noThIng sPeciAl bOuT thAt cOz it'S tOO lAtE..hMM..BuT i HopE tHIS NeW hP WIll bRiNG mE A neW liFE n A NEw mE..tiS hP wIll kEep A LoT oF MeMorIES b4 I gO OvERseA..I hOpE THaT SomEonE wILL KnOE y I buY tHiS hP..cOZ oF HIm..OnE oF the reASoNs..oThERs,nO nEed tO tEll..HUhU..lOvE thiS hP 4eVEr n eVER..