Wednesday, 23 April 2008

HepI bUrFdaY,MAli...

mAy GoD blESs U..

n SenyUm SokmO..

Monday, 14 April 2008

thE ChEeRleaDErS..conGrAtES..

coNgRatEs cHeeRleaDErS..whaT A gReAT jOb...i'M proUd oF U...lOvE U ALL..gO!!gO!!rED!!aUM!!!rEd HouSE foreveR!!!

sPoRt'S daY!!1

10tH ApriL...ThE spoRT'S dAY..lOvE iT..eVeryonE haS A gUD timE..i'M thE masCoT foR thE rEd hOuSE..tHe flamE..WhaT a nIcE namE hUH 4 thE firE nInjA..hUhU..eVeryonE fAnatICs bOuT thEiR sport's hOuSE..therE ArE petErpan N tinkErbEll...sEa aNgEl..n thE bEeS..tHaT'S whaT coloUrinG thE dAY!!!iT wAs fUn..lovE iT..bUT thE mosT AmazinG dAy iS rEd hOuSE woN!!!yEyEYE...lovE rEd hOuSE forEvER..hUhUHu..

Friday, 11 April 2008

hEpI bUrfdAy,atEn!!!

maY god bLeSs U!!!

sHAyUnks sAma kamOO..

havE a guD timE n smilE!!!
FrenZ 4EvEr!!!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

hEpI burFdAY,mEg!!

hEpI bUrfdaY,meG!!!

maY god bleSS u!!

dUn notTy2 ha!!!


Friday, 4 April 2008

1sT AprIL..

1sT AprIl=engLisH daY!!! a loT oF works i'D got to dO..handlE sTorY tellinG,dAncE,spoRTs n mAnY morE..iT waS a lOnG daY 4 mE..a loT oF worK i'D to dO..gO everywherE..sOo tirED n tEnsioN..opEniNg ceRemOnY..i nEeD to dAncE at the lasT minuTE..rEmEmbeR the stepS buT aT thE samE tIme,i nEEd to teAcH thE cHeeRlEaderS for tHE spoRts tEnsioN..i juZ pRacTicE a feW tImES n trY to remember iT..AlhamdUliLLaH,everythinG waS fInE oN thaT daY..thEn,i wenT for the sTorY tellinG competitIOn..handlE iT witH aLl thE mAcquAriaNs..iT wAs fUn N i cAn make mE releaSE mY tEnsiON for A whilE..thEn,i'd parTicipatE n loNg juMp buT aT thE same timE i nEed tO dAncE for thE cLosinG ceRemoNy..iT wAS raininG n i managE to dancE firsT b4 thE loNg juMP..i fEEl rEallY2 frustratEd whEn i'M losE iN lonG juMp coZ aLl mY juMps werE saD..i crieD coZ i aimEd fOr A medaL foR thiS eVenT..buT it'S oK..i cAlmED mYsElF n thEN,eVerYthInG'S oK..aT niGhT,i prActicEd N teAcHeD thE chEErleaderS..aLl thE chEErlEaderS make A guD joB anD thaT cAn makE mE fEEl relieF for A whIle.,whaT A loNG daY i'd gonE...sO tirEd..