Monday, 1 February 2010

1 feb 2010..

whaT a dAy..iT is a loNg daY..juz lIke thE othEr dayS..i oWez wAtcH thE cloCk..n the timE runs so it juZ oNlY 5.00pM..whAt i'm gonna dO?? whAt a boRiNg, i do mY workS like oWez..a housewiFe's worK..laundRY,tidY up tHe house, cookInG..fuhh...thEsE works continUe evrYdAy since i'm iN malAysiA..i'm CountinG dAys to go back to sydnEy..iT is 22days lEfT..i DunnO whY buT i Miss sydney sO muCH..can't waiT to havE fun therE becoZ this is my lasT yeaR thErE..therE aRe A loT of thiNgs tHat i wAnna dO..i WiSh i cAn cOmplEtE all..hMm..nwAy, eDucAtiOn is iMporTant..i havE to focuS oN mY sTudY bcoZ i havE plAyEd A loT beforE this..i hope i cAn fAcE this yeaR with flYinG cOloUrs..wAaaaa..cAn'T wAiT to go bacK..;(

Sunday, 31 January 2010

it's yOu..

i wAnt sOmEonE tO lAuGh wiTh mE..

sOmEonE tO bE grAvE wiTh me..

somEonE tO plEasE mE

anD hElP mY diScrimInAtiON wiTh hIs owN rEmArK

anD At tImEs, No doUbT,

To AdmirE mY aCutEnEss anD pEnEtrAtiOn..

anD i know thaT somEonE iS yOu..

hey..hey.. hAs bEen A lonG time i do nOt updAte my bloG..fUhhh..finallY i opennEd iT N poSt sUmthinG..hUhU..iT hAs bEEn 2 moNthS++ i lefT sydnEy, n noW i'M iN mAlAysiA..wuT a plAn..nI sumE bDk2 nZ nyER psL..hUhUHu..i miSs thEm so muCh sO hAvE to gO bAcK tO mesiA to mEeT thEm..aT firSt mY hOlidAy iS tOtAllY dAmN blooDy bOrinG..i'M lIke A houSewifE..nEed to do evEry houSE damn tirED..n i dUn hAvE friEndS hErE coZ evEryonE iN unI noW..buT i gOt pErmiSsioN frOm mY dAd tO go tO kl for A wEek..i cAn mEet mY frenz n alsO mY bElovED onE who iS oweZ bZ wiTh hiS woRkS-mY bF la,sApe lg..hihIhI..firST, it's A lIl biT boriNg coZ i DunnO wuT to dO..sO,mOsT oF thE time,i'M stAyinG homE wiTh nIza..thEn,At niTE, bR hAng OuT..thanx to mY deAR, mR hAfiZ coZ blAnjEr mUviE N mkn2..oRg bEkErjaya lA kN..hUhuHu...thEn i hAnG ouT wiTh mY nZ's frEnz-cIk Intan,cIn nAnAd n cIK AdE soRg kWn bR-chIcha..hUhu..miSh kOrg a loT..thanx hAnG out sAme2...best2..(gmbr2 dlm fb la ek, nanti la post kT bloG nI)..nAnTi ktE hAng ouT kt sydnEy n nz lAk Ek..noW, it's oNly ThrEe wEeks moRE to gO..sYdnEY!!!!wAit for mE..i miSs u So muCH..n alsO bDk2 kt sanE..xsAbAr nk lepak2 lg..hUhU..