Thursday, 11 June 2009

enD oF sEmEstER..gOnnA miSS mY tUtOriAls..

tHis sEmEstER endS oREdI..timE moVEs sO fAsT..n nOw,evEryoNe bZ wiTH thE Exams..minE tgL lg saTU..gOsH..whY i cAn't finiSh it a.s.a.p??bUT it's oK..i hAvE time tO sTudY loR..hihI..buT i orEdI miSh mY tUtoriAl..n aLL mY fREnz..thEy ArE sO loVElY..becAusE oF thEm,i bE whAt i'm noW..fEeL cOnfIdencE to tAlK in eNgliSh aLthouGH sUmtimES miserAblE gAk..bUT i'S gOod,iSn't iT??tHanX to All my frEnz in mY tUtoRialS- Educ260(bEsT sGT), edUc261(cOoL glEr) n LInG211(blUr ckET tP ttP skE)...hUhU..n tO aLL lEctUrERs (wIlliAm, andreW crAM, mATt boweR, aNnAbeLLe, kAthrYN n oThErs)..thanX A loT..gOnnA aPpreCiAtE iT..u rOXX,gUyS..

pIcS wItH lEctUrErS..

pIcS wiTh kwn2 kt tutoriAl..