Sunday, 24 February 2008

i'M trAppED...

i waNnA hAvE A bEttER lIfE bUT...

lAsT nItE,oNE gUY appRoAcH mE n wE cHaT..aLtHouGH wE juZ mET buT i likE The waY hE iS..jUz a kInD gUy n cUtE..hUHu..wE chAT bOuT oURseLvES AlthOuGH iN A sHoR tImE..bUt eVeRytHInG gOEs wEirD wHen I ASKeD hIm hIs nAmE..u noE wHaT,hIs nAmE samE wIF sOmEoNe'S nAmE..i thInK u noE whO..i'M a LittlE bIt sHoCkEd bUt i cAlmEd mYseLf..i wOndeRinG y eVErythINg ArOunD mE mUSt bE relAteD to hIm agAin n aGAIn??i jUz wAnnA hAvE a lIfE wIthOuT hiS sHAdOW AnYmOrE..iT'S sIcK N huRts mE moRE n moRE wHEn I thinK boUT hIm..i wAnnA sMilE n lauGH lIke b4 i meET hIm..i cAn DO AnytiNG thAT i waNT..i cAn eNjoY mY liFE n nO oNe cAn sToP mE to dO AnYthINg thAt I waNt..bUt EveRYthINg cHangEd whEn i mEt hIm..nOw, mY lifE nOT mOvE iN A RiGhT wAy..i'm oweZ sTuCk wITh sOmEthINg whEn mY lIfE iS gOiNg bEtteR..hMM..whAt kINd oF lIfE thAT i'm fAcE nOw??i WaNnA gO oUT frOM thIs n mAkE A nEW lIfE..nO mOre bOuT him N mE bUT iT's aLL bOUt mE..

Saturday, 23 February 2008

lIvINg aS a neW pErsOn..

aFtER a Lot oF pRObS thAt i'Ve fAcEd b4..nOw,iT'S tImE 4mE tO relAX n enjOy mY liFE aS sInglE..altHoUGh iT's tOuGH b4, i thINK i cAn hAnDLe iT..a YeaR b4, mY liFE wAS fULl wIth sMilE bcOz hE'S hERe..hE oWez mAkEs mE sMilE n i'M hEpI wIF iT..i'M hEpI 2 bE bEsIdE hIm n it'S like thE whOlE wOrlD is oUrS..nOw, iT's alreADY 3 moNthS i lIvE aS a sInglE pErsOn..iT's nOT bAD coZ fOR mE,i cAn dO aNytHIng thAT i waNt wIthOUT aNY wOrriES aNd dOuBt..i leArneD hOw tO loVE mYseLF moRE..iT's A liE iF i saY i dUn mIsS hIm aT aLL..i dO cOz hE's mY fIrsT loVE..i'M stILL mIssInG hIm UnTIl nOw..i lOVe hIm fOr aLL mY heaRT..buT,goD knOWs whAT iS thE bESt foR mE N hiM..iT's eNds juZ liKe thAT..noW, i'M hEpI wIF mY liFE n iF hE'S hEPi wIf hIs lifE nOw,i'M hEpI fOr hIm 2..wIsHiNg bOTh oF uS hAvINg A gUD'S bEtteR tO bE likE thIs..aM i righT??kEEp movINg n nEvER loOkeD bAcK..lET'S bYgoNe bE bYgonE..eVErYhiNg wIll fOllow thE fLoWS..i loVE mYsElF,mY liFE n iT'S aLl abOuT mE 4 evA.:-)

hEpI bEfDaY rObOt n ShOrtY!!

18 fEbrUaRy..tHiS iS rOboT n sHoRty'S bEfdAY!!hEpI bEfdAY,gUYs..mAY gOd bLeSS u All oWeZ n wIsING u alL a hEpi dAy!!fREnz 4 eVA..thanx 4 thE pARty..

p/s tO rObOt: ALtHougH u'rE gOIng tO wElliNgtOn, u r oWeZ mY frEn.dUn fORgET tO weAR the shIRT thAT i'vE givE u..

to miRA: c U aGAin nExT yEAR mY uNimAtE..nEvER gIvE UP..n kEep mOvIng..sYG kAmOO..

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

todAy,i'm aloNE iNmY rOOm..i thInK a lOt..i dO a lOt oF work iN a waY tO avoid mYseLf fROm tHInking bOUt sOmEoNe..buT it sTilL coMeS to mY mINd..i miSs hIm sO mUcH..i aLways aSk mYsElF y i lUV tHIs guY sO muCh..i sHoULd nOt luV hIm anYmorE cOz hE is nOThiNg iN my LIfE noW..hE iS mY pAsT..n i nEeD tO fOrgEt hIm n dUn tHiNk bOut hIm anYmoRE..i"vE tO bE stRoNg n forcE mySelF..i tRy 4 almOsT 2 monTHs buT y iT doesn'T worK..i waNna cry bUt i caN't..i dun hAvE anY tEaRS n iT's hUrTinG mE fROm dAY tO daY..hE's hEre n i Hope i can sEE hIm..iT's okAY iF i juz cAn sEE hIm fRoM faR..i reAllY mEaN iT..i hOpe thiS can bE trUe..bUt iT's nEvEr sEemeD to bE a rEaLitY..y i hAvE to luV n waItINg foR somEonE thAT nevEr cARe foR mE aNymorE??y i havE to bE LiKe THis??y tHe one thAT i loVe mOsT makeS me huRt aNd cRy so mAnY timE??y i STiLL lOVE hIm??y??y??y??cAn somEoNe givE mE thE answErs??i hAtE to bE liKE tHIs..i haTE iT..pleaSe...