Tuesday, 17 May 2011

my 23rd birthday..[21st April 2011]

when was my last post?? it was on April 15th..huh..that's mean i was neglecting my blog for about a month..Actually there were lots of things/events happened to me but my hands and finger are too heavy to write or post in this..duuhhh..actually i'm so lazy and a bit busy with my examinations..at first, i thought i will be free after the examinations but haish..i still got workshops that i need to attend until 27th May..huh..can't they just give us an early break??..

Right now, i'm alone in my room coz most of my housemates already went back to their hometown, while jen n flo went for the "exercise" thingy and left me all alone in my room..U must be "tertanya2" why i didn't follow them..the answer is i'm too lazy.. [pat on your shoulder if you have guessed the right answer]..hurm..i don't have any idea on what should i write..so, i think i start with:

My 23rd Birthday

I celebrated my 23rd birthday on April 21st 2011, it was about one month ago..hurm..any special things happened in my birthday??.. okay..i got birthday wish from my sayang and a surprise gift which was an i-pod touch..isn't it special?? i never thought that he's going to buy me an i-pod touch for my birthday..it was really sweet because there were an engraved words at the back of the i-pod..it really2 made my day..and it is the best company ever..Thank you,sayang..

then, my housemates pranked me with a quarrel incident where at first it was not really worked coz that time i was busy with my assignment but after lots of trials and after flo came, finally it worked..they "baling" tepung at my shirt and sing "happy Birthday" song with a cake..thanks to jeniffer sandra for planning all those things..[nasib baik xnaik marah waktu tu] huhu..n thanks to all my 901b housemates for the surprise and prank..

Not only that, i also got surprise birthday party at Gravy baby (Kak wani and Abg syafiq's cafe). i called it Masquerade birthday party...Thanks to Kak wani and Abg syafiq for the treats and all the performers that night - flo, kok lian, danny, jen, alia n sume2 la..huhu..it was fun and really2 love it..

So, thank you to those birthday wishes and gifts and cakes and surprises and everything laa..really2 love u all..

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