Thursday, 14 April 2011

FreeDom WritErs..

FreeDom WriTers?? What Does it Mean?? Hurm.. This is actually the movie about a new teacher who needs to educate students who are having racist problems. They fight and tease students that are from different culture from them..They will only sit and talk with their own culture. and if there are someone who are interfere in their community, guess what they do?? They FIGHT..Can you imagine how sad is the new teacher to see something like this on her first posting?? However, this teacher never give up and try her best to avoid this matter in her classroom especially eventhough other teachers do not bother and just give up on these kids. the best method is the journal writing where students are asked to write anything about them in the journal. The teacher do not force them to write, but fortunately, all of them write in the journal and tell about their life especially. The teacher let the students to decide on what they want to write and the taecher don't check on their grammar or anything. Isn't it helpful for teacher to know about their students better from this method?? n I AGREE.. This is what the FReeDom WritErs are all about.

Just Like BloGgEr, we are the FreeDoM WRitErs..we decide on what to write and share people. and All the things that we write is from our own perspective and view. There is no right or wrong except if it is "bercanggah" with certain religion or something.So, in all of us, we are the writers, i mean FrEedom WriterS, Because we have the specialty to write everything that we want..


kamil pippo said...

cm ne nk follow u nih..haha

budak baek said...

this movie sounds nice! maybe i should watch it..kak izza ade ke?? naakkkkkk.....hehe..=)