Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Today, i'm going out with one of my housemates; FARAH (my junior) to midvalley to buy "something" for my other housemates for their b******ys..Before we go out, FARAH called her parents first.. n we arrived in IPBA, she called her parents also..n one more thing, at first I ask her to wait for me at the jusco coz I want to cash deposit my money into my account at Maybank but she said don't leave her alone..I feel like weird at first because i always do that with my walking separately and then meet at this..this place..Actually, when I think about it again and again..I think her action is good and very adviseable for us to do it because sometimes we cannot take a risk that nothing will happen to us when we go out either alone or with friends.. We have to be careful and let at least one people know where we are, what are we doing and so on. So, credit to FARAH coz give me an "enlightment" about this matter..huhu..

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budak baek said...

waaaahhhh...gitewww..terharu i...^__^